You Can Be More Beautiful This Year !

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Nowadays people is more and more fashion , they are interested in every thing which is new . they love to search every fashion things  . such as brand bag , latest clothing , luxury jewelry and other fashion things . most people want to be more fashion , but they do not know how… Read more

Diamond Monogram Necklace

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Diamond is come from the deep underground high pressure, high temperature conditions formed by a carbon (C) elements, with cubic structure of natural white crystals. Diamonds have religious worship and fear, and regard it as a symbol of bravery, power, status and honor. Now has become the people who can have, wear the public gem.… Read more

Who Give You A Monogram Represent

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Love is a natural phenomenon between male and female , when you grow up to 15 years old , you will meet some one that you love her (him). in the daylife , you will ofen remember her , she attract you very much . This time , you may want to tell her the… Read more

The Soul Of The Necklace

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My husband give me a monogram necklace as present on my birthday . it is made of gold and on the necklace there has the first word of my name and the first word of my husband . I love it very much because of it’s fantanstic color and cool feeling and it’s Oval pendant… Read more

I Want To Own A Monogram Necklace

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I am 25 years old this year , I like beautiful and fashion things in the daylife . I ofen buy some fashion small things online . I ofen buy some brand new arrival women bags , some times I order some pieces of fashion women dresses from other countries . I know many famous… Read more

Give Your Girl Friend A Nice Gift !

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What will you think about to send gift to your girl friend ? you may think about flower , a beautiful dress and so on . how about a monogram necklace ? First , the necklace represent love , your girl friend will feel very happy . Second , you can make up your name… Read more

Monogram Necklace: The Gift That Lasts a Lifetime (or Several)

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Few things in life can express a time, an occasion, or even an era as well as jewelry can. By looking at our ancestors’ jewelry, we can discover what was important to them, as well as what they loved and valued. Even our very early human ancestors would craft jewelry out of the limited materials… Read more

The Ashley Bouder Project Opens at Symphony Space in NYC

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As a principal dancer with the New York City Ballet, Ashley Bouder knows that despite George Balanchine’s famous saying “Ballet is woman”, it is in fact an industry ruled by men. Bouder has since founded The Ashley Bouder Project, a platform dedicated to showcasing choreography created solely by women. Last month, The Ashley Bouder Project… Read more

The World’s Famous Brand Monogram Necklace !

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there has many famous necklace brand all over the world ,such as Van Cleef & Arpels and SWAROVSKI and ENZO . they all have more than 1 handred years old . the monogram necklace  is very popular in the world wide , it can be made of gold , silver , alloy , stone or… Read more

Amber Monogram Necklace

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No diamond to show off the style, there is no gold luxury and wealth, there is no need to jade introverted temperament, but no crystal clear crystal, compared with them, amber is often mistaken for cheap resin products, was cold. But it is millions of years ago in the mysterious attitude in the collection has… Read more