Origin Of Necklace

Necklace is a decoration for male or female in the nowadays , Name Necklace is a represent , it is more and more popular in the world .

Necklace first originated in the primitive society matriarchal clan to the patrilineal clan transition period “robbery marriage” custom. At that time, women’s social status gradually decreased, men gradually increased in the economic position. In the course of the formation of the husband system, men tend to plunder other tribal women or women who captured the war as a wife. According to the “Book of Changes” contains: “trapped in the stone, according to Tribulus terrestris; into its palace, but not his wife fierce.” Means that after the war, his wife was exterminated. In order to prevent these women from escaping or escaping at night, the victors tend to trap the neck of a woman with a necklace of wire or rope. After the establishment of the husband system, some places also retained this custom, but has been concluded under the premise of marriage, the “grab” as a form of wedding, those sets in the neck of the wire or rope also evolved Into a necklace, as a kind of marriage letter.

Another argument that the necklace first originated in the ancient pearl people. When the beads are often naked, for the sake of convenience, these clever pearls hang a wire or other rope on their necks and wear the pearls on them. Later, people found the beads on the neck of the bead abnormal beauty, so competing to imitate, beaded has become dedicated to the decoration of the Custom Name Necklace.

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