Beauty Of The Words

As  you know , we use words everyday , we see it every day on signs , packaging , billboards , in books and various magazings , in fact , you are looks at it now , the Latin Roman alphabet , the word’s most prolific words .Typography is a relatively recent  invention , but to unearth the origins of alphabets , will need to travel much farther back in time , to an era contemporaneous with the emergence of civilisation itself .

the words are used in  many field  , it is also used on Name Necklace for example ___the Monogram Custom Name Necklace . it is one kind of custom necklace , the desiners normally compose some words together to make a unique necklace for their customers . the style of the necklace may be different , but design concept is almost the same . people normally compose the first word of their name with another first word of his friend of family’s name .

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