Amber Monogram Necklace

No diamond to show off the style, there is no gold Name Necklace and wealth, there is no need to jade introverted temperament, but no crystal clear crystal, compared with them, amber is often mistaken for cheap resin products, was cold. But it is millions of years ago in the mysterious attitude in the collection has been occupied by their own place, Bo Bao Zhen Mall to hide a lot of different types, beautifully shaped amber jewelry.

Amber is the mystery of each natural amber jewelry are unique Custom Name Necklace, and each piece of amber jewelry has a beautiful legend of their own.

Amber was born in 40 million to 60 million years ago, belongs to the geology called the new century (Eocene), is a precious pine resin in the earth after the high pressure, high heat extrusion effect, resulting in qualitative fossils. Amber is non-crystalline organic semi-precious stones, exquisite light, touch warm and meticulous. Most of the amber is transparent, the color range is varied and varied, the most common in yellow, there are red, green and extremely rare blue.

You can choose a amber monogram necklace for you and your couple !

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