How To Choose Your Gold Monogram Necklace ?

Gold since ancient times is a symbol of noble, it is always bright light to attract female friends. Women wear gold necklace will bring out a different kind of elegant temperament, so the Name Necklace┬áhas become a modern women’s fashion trend essential jewelry. Then the ladies gold necklace to buy what should pay attention to the problem?

We are no strangers to gold, but how to judge the quality of gold it? When you buy women’s gold necklace, you can identify from the following aspects: First, you can from the women’s gold necklace to distinguish the color, saying that gold is “seven green, eight yellow, nine purple, ten red.” Experts believe that the gold Qi Cheng its jewelry was yellow with blue, gold Bacheng was yellow, gold nine percent is yellow in the purple, gold was 10 into red. And because the pure gold is softer, generally do not have to do inlaid Custom Name Necklace, so, where the mosaic gold jewelry claiming 24k, certainly fraud.

Second, the severity of gold can be distinguished from the female to determine the gold necklace, the proportion of gold 19.3 g / cubic centimeter, fineness and the proportion of the larger, the proportion of the closer to 19.3, with higher gold. The proportion of 18.5, gold 95%, 17.8 when the gold content of 90%, and so on. And then as long as the measured proportion can be found in Ms. gold necklace fineness; again, you can listen to the sound, high color gold ladies necklace, throwing on the concrete floor will be dull bark, sound without rhyme, no strength, commonly known as “dead ” On the contrary, the fineness of the ladies gold necklace, throwing cement on the rhyme and sound sharp, and slightly rebound; Finally, you can also try hard and hard way, (but this method is generally not allowed at the time of purchase ) Gold jewelry fineness higher and more soft, more inelastic, real gold with a bite or needle plan will have a light mark to hand fold without broken lines, and the fire (not very high temperature) will not change color. Low color, false is the opposite.

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