Which Monogram Necklace Fit Me ??

1. short neck people suitable for exquisite Name Necklace and beads from small to large arranged necklace, if there are double chin or three chin can not wear a monogram necklace .

2. the long neck people can wear necklace necklace, thick and thick necklace and hanging inlaid with gem long pendant, you can also choose a few thick beads to overlap each other to wear. For example: the neck of a long female if a round neck coat wearing a thick thick necklace, necklace length to the clavicle, the effect is absolutely amazing. Although they also have their own shortcomings, but they are born to wear a necklace.

The relationship between folding necklace and chest

1. the chest of small people: suitable for wearing large ornaments, the length can be down to the bottom of the chest, for example: in the round high collar shirt can wear a rough and colorful long necklace, it is very good. But do not put a lot of gold necklaces together, unless you are the entertainment stars.

2. chest full of people: suitable for wearing exquisite Custom Name Necklace pendant, the length can be above the ditch, but do not let the pendant buried between the breasts. There are characteristics of the necklace also need to contrast the substrate, like the crystal moonlight hanging in the dark sky, it seems Guanghua. So the color of the clothes and necklace color to use contrasting colors, if it is the same color, then the texture and brightness are different. please remember! Wearing necklaces and clothing with the method is very similar, we must continue to try a variety of combinations in order to get more special effects, usually many very perfect combination, are through practice.

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