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I am 25 years old this year , I like beautiful and fashion things in the daylife . I ofen buy some fashion small things online . I ofen buy some brand new arrival women bags , some times I order some pieces of fashion women dresses from other countries . I know many famous brand in the world , I am also interested in some of them such as the LV brand bag and Hello Rose women clothing brand .

in this day I am looking at the fashion jewelry online , there has custom necklace and custome ring , I am very interested in the monogram necklace for female . I find it is a nice jewelry for me , I can engrave my name or some words of my name on it , I can imagine how beautiful i looks when I wear it on my neck .

So I decide to buy a monogram necklace for myself , first , I need to design a perfect style and then pay for it online , then I will receive it soon ( in 1 week ) .