The Soul Of The Necklace

My husband give me a Name Necklace as present on my birthday . it is made of gold and on the necklace there has the first word of my name and the first word of my husband .

I love it very much because of it’s fantanstic color and cool feeling and it’s Oval pendant . my husband said the necklace represent our love .( we met eachother about 10 years )

I wear it on my neck every day . when I see it , I will remember my husband and our happy life .

So I think the Custom Name Necklace is not only a necklace ( not only a gift ) , it is more than a gift but a love represent . I think the necklace has its soul like a human .

I think my husband give her love into the necklace and the love is the soul of the necklace .

whant do you think about this , do you have the same feeling with me ?


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