Cleopatra And The Necklace

In order to listen to the release of this important news, scattered in all over the road and the famous thieves have come to Dawson’s mansion, and even the money-shaped police (Asano Takeshi) also get the information rush to. In this group of experts, naturally, Lubang (small chestnut decorated) and their partner’s figure, after all, his grandfather Lubang I – Yasen Robin and Dawson have forged a break, and Dawson more Intends to put the old man’s grandchildren on the boss throne.

Who knows in the successor’s name is about to publish the critical moment, the money-shaped police department with his men suddenly broke into the fierce battle of both sides of the police bandits. In the midst of chaos, Dawson was killed by hostile Lubang’s Mike Lee and his men. Behind the death of Dawson, a legend of the rare treasures gradually surfaced.

In the 1940s, the heyday of the Roman Empire, Anthony to Egypt after the Cleopatra VII presented with the peerless beauty comparable to the jewelry – inlaid with deep ruby ​​light necklace – crimson heart The But in the long and chaotic history of the river, crimson heart I do not know when to be stolen, from the disappearance of the dust in time.

Today, the crimson heart is re-divided into two parts, the deep ruby ​​held by Dawson, and the light of the Name Necklace and Dawson is comparable to the East Asian triad emperor Pramumu (Nirut Sirichanya ornaments) dominated. East and West two big guys you come to me, do not give up each other. Years of infighting, and ultimately to Dawson’s death come to an end.

Dawson died a year, hiding for a long time Mike Lee to reproduce the rivers and lakes, intends to hand the light necklace sold behind the scenes all the Pramum. Money-shaped police to get the message, the use of the peak of the child (black wood Ming yarn ornaments) cheated Lubang. Clever escape of Lubang III inherited the legacy of Dawson, determined to regain the secret in any case. He first went to Japan to find Ishikawa five right guard door, then with Mike Lee released the hatchet. Thieves world’s most prestigious master who formed a burning raging revenge team. But the crimson of the heart has long been Plummuk hidden in the map are not found in the virgin forest Custom Name Necklace, where there are more heavily armed forces guard fortress treasury “Navarry Ark”. In order to regain the crimson heart, to prove the world’s first thieves title of the world, Lubang III and partner sub-large mediated (Yushan iron two ornaments), Ishikawa five right guard (Aya wild ornaments) and the peak of the child toward this impossible The task to challenge.

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