Prince William And The Necklace

Prince William (Prince William) gave his wife’s Name Necklace  can be more than this . Kate Middleton (Kate Middleton) is often wearing earrings are also Prince William’s favorite baby one of his favorite baby.

This is the earrings of the Saudi Arabian prince gave Princess Diana Princess (Princess Diana) wedding gift, when Princess Diana wearing, this earrings or earrings, but the smart Kate made a slight change on this basis, she This pair of sapphire studs into earrings, each earrings are composed of ten diamonds around an oval sapphire composition.

And earrings are also more suitable for Kate’s petite face shape and gentle and moving long hair, giving the earrings second life. Your jewelry box is also there are a few pieces of such a long time and charm still jewelry? Perhaps appropriate to give it some changes, there will be a different feeling. And the prince and the princess’s wedding absolutely nothing what? Yes, that’s the crown.

The British royal family from the generation of diamonds crowned from Cartier, called “Halo”, produced in 1936, by the Duke of York (later George VI) purchased to his wife, and as an 18th birthday gift gift daughter Elizabeth. Interestingly, the British have “Something” (SomethingOld, Something Borrowed, SomethingNew, Something Blue) “century custom, legend, the bride can have the same, in the eyes of friends and relatives of blessing, through the long The corridor takes the groom’s hand and gets lucky and Custom Name Necklace. Although Kate wearing this diamond crown is from Queen Elizabeth “borrowed”, but her happiness is also palpable. And now “retro trend” thunder is busy, wearing a long-term accessories is to enhance the overall image of a major magic weapon.

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