Princess Diana

Diana is dressed in the design by the designer Emmanuel couple ivory silk taffeta skirt long skirt wedding dress, large bubble sleeves, decorated with lotus leaf V-neck, wave-like skirt, the above also Hand-embroidered with 10,000 pearl and mother of pearl sequins. This wedding up to 7.6 meters long skirt and fluffy profile, accompanied by St. Paul’s Cathedral, do not blame is called the dream of the century wedding Name Necklace.
Princess Diana was born on July 1, 1961 at 19:45 (Park House, Sandringham, Norfolk, England), father is Spencer Earl of the Eight, the mother is Frances Shand Kydd (although no title, but also closely linked with the royal family) The Diana’s father was George VI and the queen’s royal servants, close to the royal family, his godmother was Queen Mary. June 29, 1981 Diana married the Prince of Wales Charles, became his first princess. August 28, 1996 the two were divorced, August 31 the following year, 36-year-old Diana in a car accident in Paris in the incense. In her short life there are nearly two decades of time around the flash, these films record her with her Custom Name Necklace .

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