Royal And The Jewelry

On 2011, a world-famous fairy tale royal wedding attracted the attention of the world, the fashion capital of London is also surrounded by thick sweet romantic atmosphere. In the dress like a British courtyard like the beautiful Westminster Church, accompanied by “into Church Church Wing” solemn, elegant temperament and glamorous wedding to Kate Middleton (Kate Middleton) has become the focus of the audience, Wedding in the shiny and moving light, showing a dream-like beauty.

And by the British royal family from generation to generation of Cartier platinum diamond crown Custom Name Necklace , Kate parents presented platinum diamond pear pendant earrings, and Princess Diana has been wearing a sapphire engagement ring, it is high-quality platinum jewelry family and the origin of the interpretation of the origin. Speaking of the topic of “royal and jewels”, you may know the Grace Kelly’s Cartier crown, or the story of Chaumet and Josephine’s queen, and now in your mind, Kate Middleton (KateMiddleton) that sapphire engagement ring.

Whether in the dress, or the selection of accessories, Kate has its own innate noble temperament. Her jewelry shape is not necessarily gorgeous exaggeration, but to elegant and decent as a standard. From the engagement of the dress and accessories with the exquisite Name Necklace, to the wedding crown and platinum earrings echoes, perfectly shows the Kate as a modern and wise royal bride’s extraordinary taste.

This sapphire ring is the year Princess Diana and Prince Charles’s “love letter”, the middle is a 12 carat sapphire, surrounded by 14 small diamonds, exquisite. For Prince William, the meaning of the ring is self-evident, and the prince gave this beloved ring to Kate as an engagement ring, and is symbolizing their faithfulness.

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