The King Elizabeth Necklace

As we all know, the British Queen Elizabeth II has a lot of stunning jewelry, especially in the crown of the most famous collection. In fact, as a proper “Name Necklace“, the king of the king is far more than the crown looks good? Her necklace is equally familiar, everything is treasure it!
Dagema necklace belongs to the first Queen Alexandra, the Danish royal family in 1863 dedicated to Princess Alexandra and Prince of Wales wedding gift. This dagma necklace decorated with 2,000 diamonds and 118 pearls, base is gold. It is said that this Custom Name Necklace there is a piece of wood debris embellishment, the wood fragments from the real cross.
In 1979, Queen Elizabeth paid a state visit to Qatar, the President gave the Queen a pearl necklace. This pearl necklace consists of six pearls, each two strings of pearls will be dipped in the middle of the diamond, the British queen like to use this necklace with the corresponding pearl earrings.

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