Audrey Hepburn Affect The World

Audrey Hepburn 26 years from the shadow career, every time people are always willing to follow her fashion footsteps. The accumulation of these “fashion fragments”, to the 20th century, 90 years, gradually solidified into a common name – “Hepburn style”, it became an eternal “fashion symbol”, Givenchy it is defined as “elegant, mature and Good education ” Name Necklace.

Everyone wants to look like Audrey Hepburn, and this imitation boom continues to have a fever of up to 10 years. “Givenchy’s studio instructs Derek Miller to recall.

But she did not want to do the mercy of the “hanger”, she “fashion” has its own unique understanding. “Fashion” magazine praised her “to establish a new standard of popular aesthetics, everyone competing to imitate the” Hepburn image “.

“I dare say that every magazine editor or clothing assistant may mention the name of Audrey every minute, they will say, oh, this is very Audrey.” In 1991, the famous designer Ralph Lau Lennon in the Lincoln Center Film Association to Odari to pay tribute. In the age of the “Roman Holiday”, Hepburn was his absolute idol when he was young. And Mark JCB, Mike Coase is only a large number of Hepburn will be the muse of the gods in the designer of a member.

Fashion people Huang Wei said: “different times, Hepburn’s unique influence can not be copied.” Large-scale bulk reproduction and fast food consumption, as well as the occasional fashion conference, so that the public consumption of more “Custom Name Necklace“, but it is difficult to produce an “immortal” idol, which makes Hepburn and her lead the wave Of that era is even more valuable and can not be copied.

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