Audrey Hepburn Style Monogram Necklace

Audrey Hepburn simple black dress, collarless sleeveless dress, white shirt, cut fit suit, or pretty pants, black high collar sweater, Custom Name Necklace , scarf, and even flat ballet shoes, low heels, big black Sunglasses and so are the registered trademark of Hepburn, and even her dog, have become a symbol of fashion, although this is only called “famous” York summer dog, sometimes naughty not so pleasing.

1953 of Hollywood, has been a “thin outrageous” Princess “Anne” crazy, in addition to let her take the “little gold” – the 26th Oscar Award for best actress, which is Hepburn first Big screen on the protagonist, “Princess Anne” in the “Roman Holiday” in the rise of a small barber school in Rome, cut a pretty short hair, also known as “Hepburn head” name, was competing to imitate.

In the same year, “Life” magazine named Audrey Hepburn for the annual situation of women. The title of the magazine is: “Who created the amazing charm of Audrey? ” The answer is: “Hepburn challenges the traditional definition.” Almost half of the young girls are no longer filled with underwear, and no longer staggering like a drill hole like a fine heels to walk, “” The New York Times ” In the 1950s, the United States of America, or Jane Russell, was in a period of time, big chest, thin waist, high heels was the pursuit of countless women. “Princess Anne” wearing a round dress, waist knotted White hairless cotton shirt, rolled up the sleeves, neck scarf, dressed like a good tutor, the first trip to Rome, college students, no sexy, but for many women opened the most modern style, she is the first A person who does not win by sex.

The famous Chinese designer Wang Weila (VeraWang) this evaluation He Ben created a “new” fashion style: “her dress is very different from the Hollywood pop, she is for their own wear.” Audrey Hepburn to maverick Flat body and dress style, the women from the fullness of the chest or the body almost paranoid or self-abused self-proclaimed liberation, her Name Necklace , but therefore and “fashion” draw the equal sign.

1961 starred in the “Tiffany breakfast”, is undoubtedly Audrey Hepburn lead the fashion trend of another pinnacle. Played by Hepburn heroine actress Holly Gorettley’s head: three string of false pearl necklace, sleeveless dress and large frame sunglasses, so fashionable women competing to imitate, so far enduring.

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