Black Swan Monogram Necklace

Black Swan, elegant and charming gold-plated rose pendant, the modern way to interpret the brand logo – Swan’s noble and beautiful. Inlaid with black pavé inlaid crystal design. Can be injected into the soft flicker of the dress. The size of the pendant is 2 x 1.5 centimeters and is accompanied by a 38-centimeter-plated rose gold trim. Black Swan Name Necklace 
For two hundred years, Swarovski had a good, holy and elegant swan. Every artwork, every patent and award, are embodied every effort of the designer. Swarovski in many people’s minds, is already noble, elegant, beautiful and taste of the incarnation, is the bridge between people and the soul of communication, her meaning, is to connect all the longing for the beautiful and happy soul. She is – the embodiment of the swan.
While the Black Swan is said to be a symbol of loyalty to only one partner.
Swarovski is famous for its unique crystal of gravel. The end of the eighteenth century, Daniel Swarovski invented the automatic crystal cutting machine available, to open the door of fantasy.
Swarovski crystal ornaments is characterized not only in its products are cleverly polished to call dozens of sections, as well as its light has an excellent refraction ability. “Swarovski crystal” the biggest selling point is the crystal of pure and cutting the gorgeous neat.
Metal is made of alloy rhodium (platinum) or gold (gold), crystal is not made of natural crystal, Custom Name Necklace is a similar to the crystal made of raw materials. Although not really full gold, foot silver, foot crystal products, but Swarovski crystal necklace is in the design and style above the more advantages, and crystal color is unique.

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