Choose The Pearl !

Pick the pearls mainly to see the following aspects: 1. Roundness round the better, it is best to put the glass on the level of their own non-stop rolling. 2. The more glossy the better, with a rainbow-like halo color, and to be uniform. 3. There are a variety of colors, the most common is white and milky white, in the freshwater cultured pearls which rarely have black pearls, the other rose, pink, golden pearls is also very precious. 4. The less the better the flaws Name Necklace, pearls in the growth process is usually due to various reasons will form pits and protrusions, so good pearl surface to the more clean the better. 5. Pearl particles the bigger the better, generally cultured pearls have to be in the 5-6 years to close, large in general should be more than 10 years. How to identify the true and false pearls: First, false pearls generally have two kinds of materials: 1. Glass ball to do, the surface coated with a called “carnivin” material, this kind of thing will be issued similar to the scales of luster , There are rainbow as the same halo. 2. thick shells ground, very round, there are similar pearl luster. Two, two kinds of false pearl features: 1. The glass to do the “pearl” looks very bright, the shape will be very rules. If it is a string of Custom Name Necklace, each grain is very good, the size will be very consistent. Careful observation, will find that its color is, not as real pearl as unpredictable. Feel, will feel that these “pearls” some creamy, as the real pearl as more fresh. 2. Shell grinding pearls they are also very round, the shape is also very rules, the head will not be too small, but also pearl luster, it can be said for ordinary people is very difficult to distinguish. But carefully observe its luster, you will find that all the light from it is parallel to the stripes, no matter from which point of view to see, are so. This is because the structure of the shell is parallel, and the pearl of the cross-sectional structure is concentric.

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