Empress Dowager Cixi’s Necklace

There was a foreign messenger to see the Empress, presented to her a huge diamond, Empress only glanced at his eyes cast a glance, and then slowly waved a small finger of pure gold nail sets, she was not screaming shining light of foreign diamonds, Having said that, or those who look at the eunuchs are very understanding of the Name Necklace preferences of Empress, from the private Amoy to a good fineness of the emerald tribute, Empress really much reward. The Empress Dowager Cixi still well deserved “pearl madness”, according to historical records, she had nearly ten thousand different sizes of pearls, funerary objects in her body covered with gold beads were set with 12104 pearls, her neck hanging beads by 5920 Pearl beads, the other beads, beads and beads on the beads are not the number of stars, enough to see the Empress Dowager Cixi really love the pearl. monogram necklace .

Empress Dowager Cixi rule China nearly 60 years, is the Chinese royal family of iron characters, but as a woman she also has a mirror of the delicate side of the flower repair. She must be in front of the ivory carved mirror before the daughter of a lot of their own thin, covered with gold dress, jacket embroidered beads girdle Custom Name Necklace, pedal on the boots. Open the enamel melon-shaped rouge box light powder powder, and then were worn on the silver-plated beads embedded Shuanglong point Tsui Tou hairpin, silver-plated East lift hairpin, and the daily will bring the jasper beads, and finally that the gold chisel ancient grain pattern nail sets.

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