Sandalwood Monogram Necklace

Sandalwood Name Necklace can be described as precious. Home furnishings Fang Xin long time. Sandalwood placed in the cabinet among the role of smoked, so that your clothes with a touch of natural noble fragrance. Can drive evil to avoid small people, improve your affinity, help your career.

Sandalwood is extremely valuable, good quality sandalwood market price in the thousand yuan / kg or more. China’s natural sandalwood tree as early as the Ming and Qing Dynasties has been cut down. Domestic sandalwood logs are dependent on imports. Due to sandalwood growth conditions harsh Custom Name Necklace, very low yield. The world’s only natural sandalwood is only India, Fiji and Australia. And strict protection measures and high tariffs on exports. The market for sandalwood is rare.

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