The History Of Monogram Necklace

People wear necklace decorative items, Africans have to protect the meaning of life. They think the neck is connected with the trunk, is the key to life lies. It must be set on its ornaments, with supernatural magic and protection. Totem the nation, especially the selection of totem part, as the neck of the curse. Such as animal teeth, horns, shells, turtle shells hanging in the neck. Australians also around the kangaroo hair, or the kangaroo’s teeth into a font, wearing a hanging in the chest. No doubt is to seek the magic of the totem in the act. In the distant Paleolithic age, the cave people will be small stone beads, small Shuo Shi, animal teeth, animal bones and other perforation after hanging in the front, many people think that this is the predecessor of the Name Necklace. Ethnologists believe that the original nation to wear this necklace behavior, not for beauty, but out of the count, the need for notes, up to only in the companions who try to catch more animals. Is for a utilitarian purpose. By the utilitarian and gradually to the aesthetic development, is through the passage of time and gradually formed. To the Neolithic Age, from the excavation of the tombs found that these strings decorated in the size of the particles, the choice of materials have a lot of artificial production traces. And then unearthed a large cultural relics also found in the jade string decorated with these jade jewelry are produced by a certain process and the formation. Some scholars believe that the human to create ornaments for the earliest technology.

Now people also wear Custom Name Necklace to decorate themselves .

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