How To Choose The Bracelt

Now more and more friends to buy jade, then we buy jade when. How to choose fine jade? How to buy jade bracelet? For these questions, we take a look at it

When you choose the bracelet to carefully observe whether the bracelet crack (refers to the secondary broken crack, often horizontal distribution), to each bracelet front, back, inside, outside for a comprehensive observation, with particular attention Name Necklace to sewing bracelets Red line shelter with or without cracks or damage, because the serious crack is a fatal injury bracelet.

(Including the black or yellow spots on the bracelet, white “stone” and the original is not broken jade pattern); also pay attention to the shape of the bracelet is a park, the diameter of the bracelet The thickness of the uniform, polished whether the clearance and so on.

Pay attention to the size of the bracelet ring and the thickness of the diameter of the track is in line with the needs of the buyer’s fat and thin and Custom Name Necklace, such as the elderly like a little thick way, and young people love small strips.

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