Matain The Bracelet


Jade has a strong toughness, but do not misinterpret this feature as not afraid of beating.When I do not know Jade also need careful maintenance.When wearing jade Custom Name Necklace , should try to avoid it from the height of falling or hit hard objects, especially a small amount of cracks Of the jade jewelry, otherwise it is easy to break or damage.

Jade jewelry is a symbol of elegance and holiness, if it makes long contact with oil, oil is easy to dip on the surface, affecting the glory. Sometimes dirty grease along the jade jewelry crack filling, very unsightly, so wear jade jewelry, to keep the emerald Name Necklace cleaning, often in neutral detergent with a soft cloth to clean, dry and then polished with silk cloth.

Jade Jewelery can not be in contact with acids, alkalis and organic solvents, even if it is not waxed jade jewelry, because they are a collection of minerals, also Should not be with the acid, alkali long-term contact. These chemical agents will be on the surface of jade jewelry corrosive effect. Also do not Jade jewelry long-term on the box, a long time Jade jewelry will be “lost water” dry.

1, Jade also have to rest regularly on the emerald cleaning: its soaked in water for 30 minutes, if long-term wear so that the surface of the dirty, as long as the soaked with a small soft brush to gently scrub the emerald can. Such corrosive substances are difficult to long-term damage to the surface of the emerald, but also to make up the emerald in the summer or you in the summer when the loss of “moisture.” A month to carry out a cleaning is necessary, in the hot south, every day a bath, pay attention, if you like to take a hot shower or take the beloved Tsui Chui down it. Usually bath when you can wash with a bath can also be.

In addition: each cleaning should pay attention to observe whether the lanyard wear, mosaic jewelry is loose, so timely maintenance, maintenance can be found back to the store for maintenance, to avoid the lanyard rupture, leaving the mouth caused by the release of jade Bad lost.

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