Something You Need Know About Bracelet

1, avoid collision

Jade hardness is high, but after the collision is easy to crack, sometimes although the naked eye can not see the cracks,

In fact, the molecular structure of jade surface has been damaged, there are dark cracks, which greatly damage its perfection and economic value.

2, to avoid ash

Try to avoid dust as much as possible. If there is dust in the daily jade, it is advisable to clean with a soft brush; if dirt or grease is attached to the surface of jade, it should be washed with warm soap and water. Avoid using chemical in addition to oil, in addition to oil.

3, properly put

It is best to put it in Custom Name Necklace bags or jewelry boxes, so as not to rub or damage. Such as high-grade jade jade jewelry, but do not place on the counter, free dust, affecting the brightness.

4, contact

Try to avoid contact with perfumes, chemicals, soaps and human sweat. Jade, such as exposure to too much sweat, do not immediately wipe after wearing, will be eroded, so that damage to the outer layer, affecting the vivid degree. Especially the “glass” emerald, suet white jade, more avoid sweat and grease.

5, to avoid the sun

Jade to avoid the sun exposure, because jade heat expansion, the volume increases, will affect the quality of jade. Hibiscus jade, crystal, agate and other high-temperature may even burst.

6, wipe

Accessories to use clean, soft white cloth wipe, should not use dyed cloth, fibrous hard cloth wipe. Inlaid with diamonds, red sapphire, emerald and other precious stones jade jewelry, it is only easy to use a clean white cloth wipe, grease, dust and other erase, so help maintain and maintain the quality.

7, humidity

To maintain proper humidity. Jade to rely on a certain degree of humidity to maintain, especially the water chest agate Name Necklace, crystal jade. The surrounding environment can not be too dry.

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