The Benefits Of Wearing Bracelet

the benefits of wearing bracelet .

Wearing bracelets can effectively promote the wrist blood circulation, because the wrist is the end of the body’s blood circulation, can make the whole blood back, so that the entire blood circulation, wearing bracelets can also play a massage effect, so you feel comfortable with the wear The

The human body itself will produce temperature field, magnetic field, electric field, thus forming a “bio-information field.” This “bioinformatics field” produces a corresponding spectrum called “biological waves”. “Bio-wave” can produce bio-electric, it has a strange effect Name Necklace, that is, photoelectric effect. Jade also has this special “photoelectric effect”, in a slight pressure, cutting and grinding in the process of finishing The energy is focused on the formation of an “electromagnetic field” and emits a far-infrared wave that can be absorbed by the body, thereby inducing a strong resonance of the water molecules in the human body, making it a slight massage, improving the microcirculation system Custom Name Necklace, The human body to speed up the blood circulation and improve metabolism, activation of cell tissue, regulating the meridian qi and blood of the precise operation, enhance the rapid response to improve the body’s immune function.There are traditional Chinese medicine said: “Some drugs can not cure medicine, and often wear jade But can cure the disease, “the reason lies in this.

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