The categary of bracelet

First, the emerald bracelet: Royal bracelet inner ring belongs to the inner arc of the oval, according to legend it is invented by Yang Guifei, so called the concubine bracelet. Wearing a bracelet, will make people look very noble, dignified, pretty and elegant.

Second, the emerald bracelet: flat bracelet within the flat arc outside the circular, because the inside of the bracelet bracelet is flat, so the contact area with the wrist is also larger, the wearer will be very comfortable after wearing, no pressure The Strip bracelet is suitable for anyone of any age to wear, because it will set off the wrist is very beautiful, elegant. Young and trendy women are very fond of this jade bracelet.

Third, the emerald round bracelet: round bracelet refers to the cross-section is round round bracelet, this type of bracelet will be slightly cumbersome, for the wearer will have a little sense of oppression, but wear is also very Beautiful, highlight the wearer’s dignity and dignity. Round bracelet and the bracelet and bracelet compared to the bracelet Name Necklace, jade materials will be relatively more, if the same quality in the case, its value will be higher than other jade bracelets.

Fourth, the emerald side bracelet: This type of bracelet in the jade market is rare, because the square bracelet jade section is rectangular, so this model in the market by the young girls sought after.

Five, jade rich bracelet: rich bracelet diameter more than 60 mm above, and the thickness of 13mm or more, are generally round bracelet, more thick and generous. Mostly dignified grace of the middle-aged women to wear or collection, filling the extravagance.

Six, Jade Jazz bracelet: Ridge bracelet refers to the emerald outer ring like a hemp rope like a round bar bracelet. The shape of the bracelet bracelet is very delicate, pretty and elegant, this bracelet bracelet is generally made from the middle and low emerald processing.

Seven, jade carved bracelet: jade carved bracelet is to modify the flaws on the formation of the emerald Custom Name Necklace, making jade more beautiful. Mainly in the emerald lock at the edge of the carved or inlaid gold line to cover its lack.

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