Conch Bracelet

Name Necklace Conch Bracelet

International Friendship Museum collection of cultural relics. May 1980, Papua New Guinea village elders gave the State Council Vice Premier Li Xiannian. Shell Conch bracelet 39 cm long, 6.8 cm in diameter.

Papua New Guinea is located in the Pacific southwest, the Melanesian Islands. 98% of the population is Melanesian, 93% of Christians, traditional fetishism also have a certain impact. Due to the relatively closed, some island residents also live a slash and burn life, fishing, collecting wild fruit and hunting with bows and arrows is still one of the means to maintain life. Papua new areas of the people according to their own traditions and beliefs, local materials, made a variety of different styles of arts and crafts Custom Name Necklace, such as the Papua region pottery, island area of the carving, the Saipi River Valley wood carvings and instruments The sweets of the region, the fishing gear of the Troparest Islands

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