Elegant Hairpin

Ancient hairpin and hairpin in addition to metal and crystal production, there are bamboo, wood, jade, tortoiseshell, ceramics, bone, teeth, gold, silver, copper and other materials manufacturing. Hairpin appears, the hairpin and hairpin gradually less people use Name Necklace, in addition to the traditional material, there are all made of plastic hairpin hairpin or plastic decorative hairpin hairpin, another crystal or other semi-precious stones hairpin hairpin Is also very popular.

Chinese ancient men and women will use hairpin to fix the crown, there are also inserted in the pen on the head, easy to remember at any time, known as hairpin pen (hairpin pen refers to a hairpin in the hairpin). As a result of wearing a hat when the hairpin will be used to fix Custom Name Necklace, so hairpin often borrowed to refer to the official identity, such as hairpin Fu, hairpin and hairpin wat, used to describe the rich and wealthy. (Ying Fu is a silk cap, Wat is the version). Japanese women’s traditional hairstyle is also commonly used for decoration. Korean women wearing Hanbok, the hairpin will be inserted in the hair, such as wearing a false bun, will be decorated with hairpin.

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