How To Wear Your Engagement Ring ?

How To Wear  Your Custom Name Necklace ? Different ways to wear different meaning

Ring since ancient times has a strong symbolic meaning, so it is very particular about wearing law. In accordance with the habits of our country, the engagement ring is usually worn on the left middle finger, wedding ring worn on the left hand ring finger; if unmarried girl. Should wear in the right hand middle finger or ring finger, otherwise, will make many seekers discouraged.
engagement ring
engagement ring
According to the traditional habits of the West, the left hand shows the luck that God has given you, it is associated with the heart, so it is meaningful to talk about the ring on the left hand. The more popular international law is:

Index finger – want to get married, that unmarried;

Middle finger – already in love;

Ring finger – that has been engaged or married;

Little finger – that single.

As for the right hand, in the traditional also have a saying: that is worn on the ring finger. It is said to wear here, that has a nun’s heart. Of course, there is a ring, no matter where you do not have any meaning, this ring is the general flower ring, it only played a decorative role Name Necklace, you can wear any finger you want to wear, no any Binding.

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