Initial Necklace Just For You

Name Necklace Just For You

With the popularity of the name necklace popular, now the name of the necklace has been from the beginning of the letter necklace across to the real name of the necklace ranks, for the name of the necklace material is also a lot. Letter necklace material to 925 silver is the most common, there are also some 18K gold to customize the letter Custom Name Necklace.

General 925 silver letter necklace priced between 100-200, mainly with the process there are silver content, process-related, many of the products less than 100 most of the work or a little lack of work is not enough content, or simply But the thickness of the off;

18K gold letter necklace price between 1000 yuan -2000 yuan, resulting in the price difference between the weight, work (with or without mosaic, whether polished, gold), brand (well-known brands will be more expensive), packaging, whether the package Postage, after-sales policy.

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