Pearl Earrings For Wedding

Name Necklace For Wedding

Every country  is very important to get married, that marriage is a very important scene of life. Many nationalities in order to avoid forget this scene, often to hold a large number of wedding commemorative activities. Americans pay great attention to the wedding anniversary. Every important wedding anniversary, the wedding anniversary will always be held, and gradually formed by each wedding commemorative activities presented the traditional provisions of the custom of the gift, and then evolved into a variety of gift names to name each marriage age habit

In the legend of the West, the pearl is a drop of dew in the Venus; in ancient India, the pearls are made of the gods in the dawn of the dew; in the mythology of Persia, the pearls are thought to be bright and hopeful pearls, But also by the tears of the gods into Custom Name Necklace; Chinese folk also have “Millennium mussels, lunar beads”, “dew drops into beads” and so on … … So, pearl has always been the most perfect wedding accessories, its noble It is elegant, it is pure to give the bride the most beautiful blessing. With the body can not only reflect the elegance of new people taste, but also let the brilliance of the Mingyan extremely.

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