Skeleton Rings

Skeleton Name Necklace with SS

SS Skeleton Ring is a private gift made by the German SS leader Himmler in April 1934, unlike the official medal and the war. The value of special, is the members of the members of the high evaluation of the symbol of things.

Ring engraved with the Nordic ancient words and skeleton pattern, surrounded by the German country tree leaves the leaves of the pattern. The name and date of the winner are engraved. Made by Otto Gahr Gmbh of Munich, all made by hand.

The front of the ring is the skeleton and the crossed thigh bone pattern (Totenkopf mit Knochen), but also a symbol of the German traditional elite troops Custom Name Necklace, in German means “Die K? Mpfe, bis es wird der Knochen” (“until the bones Fighting “) – means absolute obedience. The inside is engraved with the grant time (April 20, 1944).

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