You Will Like The Brooches

Name Necklace, also known as corsage, is a use of the hook on the clothes in the jewelry, can also be considered decorative pins. Generally for the metal texture, embedded in precious stones, enamel and so on. Can be used as a pure decoration or both fixed clothes (such as robes, cloak, scarves, etc.) function. Brooch, also known as the “pin”, is a wear on the chest or collar jewelry. Brooch material to the majority of silver, the other there are ivory, yellow (white) jade, glass, enamel, bone angle, coral and so on. Its production process both simple and complex Custom Name Necklace, which in turn mosaic, such as inlaid diamonds, agate, Luodian, but the column wire, carving is also a common process. Broochs are generally not large, the smallest button only big.

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