Agate Custom Necklace

Agate Custom Name Necklace┬áis a chalcedony with a grain structure, which is a colloidal mineral whose main component is silica. Hardness of 6.5-7, the proportion of 2.65, fracture was shell-like, transparent to translucent, glass luster. Agate pure man should be white, because there are colored ions or other impurities, will appear gray, red, blue and other colors. Natural red agate after “burning red”, heat treatment can make red red agate into bright red. High quality white agate can also be dyed in various colors. Agate market often made of bracelets, but also do some small pendant and ornaments. Agate mainly produces Brazil, China’s agate origin in Liaoning’s Fuxin City.

Ancient Indians see the agate’s color and beautiful patterns like the horse’s mind, and think that it is the stone from the horse into the brain, so Sanskrit called it “horse brain”. China before the Han Dynasty called agate as “Joan”, “red Qiong”, “red jade” or “Qiong Yao”. Since the introduction of the Buddhist scriptures in China, the translators take into account the “horse brain jade class”, so cleverly translated into “agate”.

Agate is colloidal aggregates of silica Name Necklace, often rounded concentric filamentous or parallel stripe structure. Its hardness even more than crystal. This hard, dense and delicate, beautiful color of the gem, it is carved art handicrafts of the finest raw materials.

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