Beautiful Ankle Bracelet

Beautiful Ankle Name Necklace

The girls continue to expand the beauty of the heart, more vent to the feet. Barefoot sandals are also shortcomings? Painted nail polish? Has been outdated. A variety of foot ring and anklet, along with a pair of beautiful feet, “shuttle” in the crowd, become a beautiful under a beautiful scenery. Anklets are white, diamond, ceramic, cloisonne, alloy and other materials, style dazzling, smooth, hollow, carved, diamond and a variety of graphics. Anklet is no longer a thin platinum or K gold chain, but like a necklace hanging pendant, small bear-shaped, heart-shaped, and so forth, cross-winding in the sandals with the more coquettish.

Wearing anklet should not be too tight, that would give a sense of being tied by a rope. The opposite is loose, it is easy to produce beauty and show the overall effect; anklet color and style, and shoes, clothing should be unified, if the color difference is too far there will be a kind of superfluous feeling Custom Name Necklace. In addition, the overall size of the anklet should be based on your ankle size for the appropriate choice, such as ankle big people should not wear a large anklet.

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