Black Agate Bracelet

Black Agate Name Necklace, nature is very rare in an agate, there are many profiteers to other colors of natural agate through the heating process or dyeing into black, in the identification because there is no other non-natural ingredients, it is still natural, and not Fade, to fake black agate. The black agate symbolizes determination. Since ancient times has been used as evil spirits, amulets use, a symbol of friendly love and hope. Long-term wear can make the skin lubricate, feel cheerful. Black agate since ancient times is widely used jade material, ancient people often “pearl agate” to describe the wealth; foreign many of the legend that the black agate can wear black agate to bring pleasure and confidence, bring a dream. Scholars regard the black agate as a gem in the “third eye”, a symbol of friendly love, but also on behalf of hope.

Usually worn on the left hand, which can make the black agate hand beads can follow the direction of the universe cycle, the energy input to the human body, and the poor energy to block out to achieve the protection and enhance the effect. But the black gems have absorbed the role of negative energy, can adjust the body energy when the left hand with his colored stones and black agate hand beads worn on the right hand.

Peace: the most easy to get the blessing is derived from the peace of mind, the Buddha gave the black agate moist and plain as given to all beings “good good fortune” causal cycle Custom Name Necklace.

Brave: black agate hard as steel, the highest hardness in the Buddhist Qibao, was given to the Buddha’s power, can make the recipient feel the courage and strength of infinite.

Auspicious: black agate red with auspicious joy, all the time to bring a peace and good luck.


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