Do You Want To Own A Famous Brand Jewelry ?

Do you want to own a famous Custom Name Necklace ?

Tiffany (Tiffany & Co) is a famous brand , you can custome your jewelry from it .

Brand image: solemn and fashion classic

September 18, 1837, Charles Lewis Tiffany loan $ 1,000 as capital, located in New York City Broadway 259 opened a company called Tiffany & Young stationery and daily boutique, opened the day the turnover of only 4.98 US dollars; to Tiffany died in 1902 when the legacy of the property for 35 million US dollars.

No wealth is from heaven, from a small stationery boutiques to today’s world’s largest Name Necklace company, “classic” has become synonymous with TIFFANY, because there are too many people to wear TIFFANY jewelry proud , It is with the history of common deposition and development so far.

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