Custom Name Necklace

Jewelry, including precious stones: natural, precious stones, natural gemstones, natural organic gemstones) artificial gemstones (artificial gemstones, gemstones, gemstones, synthetic gemstones) and jewelry with precious metals: gold, silver, platinum “beauty” Crystal clear, dazzling.

If the gem is not beautiful can not become a gem, this beauty or performance for the brilliant colors, or the performance of transparent and clean, or with a special optical effects (such as cat’s eye, color, luminous phenomenon), or a special pattern Such as chrysanthemum stone, agate, plum jade, etc.).

Jewelry, is decorated with ornaments, which are mostly precious stones or semi-precious stones inlaid on precious metals. Tracing back to the prehistoric period of mankind, there are objects that will take objects such as teeth, shells and Name Necklace. With the development of human society, jewelry from the use of accessories has evolved into a religious, strategic and social class symbolic items.

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