Choose Your Ring Skills

Choose Your Ring Skills

Buy platinum on the ring when you must pay attention, be sure to be careful, white gold and platinum is not the same Oh, before you see some bad JS to white gold as gold to sell, and some people really fooled! Well, not all white metal is platinum. According to the November 1, 2009 the latest revision of the national standard “Name Necklace precious metals purity of the provisions and naming methods” standard, only platinum can be called platinum. In addition, only the platinum content of 850 ‰ or more jewelry to bring any of the following proprietary signs, so a simple way to identify the platinum jewelry is turned over to see if there is no PT logo. In addition, the purchase of the right to choose from the following two aspects.

Selection of quality: whether it is inlaid diamond Custom Name Necklace, or prime gold ring, platinum is the most popular wedding ring material. If you choose mosaic style, that platinum and diamonds is undoubtedly the perfect match. Platinum natural pure white can perfectly set off the bright light of diamonds; at the same time in a variety of extreme environments can maintain a stable nature, can give a solid protection of diamonds.

Set the style: to determine the budget and selection, you can go to a reputable, professional service brand shop to choose their favorite style.

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