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Earring common sense

Ear piercing inflammation of many women, there are many women because of fear of inflammation and against the ears and discouraged, in fact, ear hole inflammation is also divided into several cases, some ears out of pus, some swollen like a package, more is Because playing a few months has not completely healed the relationship, in fact, playing the ear hole after the maintenance is very important, do not let the ear hole inflammation and then plagued the beauty of you, and expose your fashion, challenge your personality, let us sing together Not the same color.

1, playing ear hole the best season:

The best time to hit the ear hole is at the end of the year and the end of September, because the weather is just fine, not cold nor hot. Other time is not too cold is too hot, is not conducive to the ear repair.

2, change the new earrings need time:

Do not listen to people who know how to say after three days can change, it is not easy to grow well, and easily lead to inflammation.

Personal experience: must be in your turn when the earrings, no bad feeling when the pick, almost a month it,

Sensitive skin to play ear hole must be careful, because according to scientific principles found that the ear part of the skin is the most able to detect a person really skin, if the inflammation is serious, we must go to the hospital in time to solve.

In addition to these skin allergy MM some views: A, must find a place to play health; B, earrings must be anti-allergic or with platinum.

3, maintenance of ear holes required drugs

There are some MM that must not use chlortetracycline eye ointment, to keep the ears of the fresh, but if not, then the ear hole out of the pus and earrings will stick, a turn earrings, the original long wound And then broken, this is simply a vicious circle, in fact, as long as the ear (that is, earrings), stained with a little chlortetracycline, and then put on it, personally feel erythromycin better, of course, the price is also slightly more expensive The

Use access: with erythromycin cream with medical alcohol, five days to clean up once, with silver earrings, or plastic texture, and then remove the ear with alcohol first earrings, earrings, earplugs, put the earrings Ointment and then wear it again, while around the ear hole coated with ointment.

That time to eat less irritating things, keep the ears clean, to avoid the collision so as not to hurt the ear hole, with silver earrings and not change the hook, insist on a month ear hole will not grow, not inflammation.

4, the most suitable for earrings earrings maintenance:

General sterling silver, pure gold, are not inflamed, if the daily clean and clean plastic will not be inflamed.

Many earrings on the market, including some brand names, are not pure, so easy to inflammation. Waiting for the ear hole is completely long and then chase fashion it, the beginning of the maintenance of the ear hole is generally easy to inflammation after the Oh, when the time worth more harm than good.

Friendship reminder: the general ring earrings than earrings heal quickly Custom Name Necklace, it is estimated that with the earrings earrings before and after the breathable, unlike the earrings always stuffy ear holes.

Finally nagging one, ear hole or do not play too much Name Necklace, remember the right amount of Oh. Although the beauty of the heart of all people, but too much should not be, there is a reason is the ear is a sensitive part of the acupuncture points are more, so still more cautious.

5, recommend the new method of ear piercing:

Medical steel + hydrogen peroxide: this is to recommend to everyone the combination. Personal new two holes is to use medical steel to play, the day you can touch the water, as long as the water spray in the water to completely disinfection of hydrogen peroxide can not, and not inflammation Oh. Because save trouble and effort, so if you choose this way to play ear hole, the price is the general shop to play the ear hole 2-3 or so. In fact, as early as two years ago, foreign began to pop on the way to wear ear holes.

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