Graduation Memorial Alloy Ring

China University of Science and Technology
Graduation memorial alloy ring

China University of Science and Technology 2014 for the 2014 graduates to create a 5980 graduation ring, as a gift to the graduates. Graduation ring engraved with “USTC” (College abbreviation), engraved with “2014 – number”, there is a collection of certificates, each one is unique. Numbers are randomly distributed, you can exchange Name Necklace, after the end of their own number registered to the teacher on the line. The school teacher said that each ring is engraved with a unique number, for the Custom Name Necklace, it is a good youth to commemorate.

“Last year only to 1760 undergraduate graduates issued a graduation ring, this year popular to graduate students, a total of 5980.” China University of Science and Technology Department of Cao Yong teacher introduction, graduation ring is limited to build, the material is titanium alloy, each Cost about tens of dollars. And creativity is to imitate the United States West Point military academy, the purpose is to give graduates a youthful commemoration

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