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Maintenance Of Marriage Ring

Wedding jewelry, jewelry, necklaces and other jewelry, the material will be very much, such as gold, platinum, diamonds, pearls, jade, etc., but these beautiful jewelry if the good maintenance, in the bright light will become Dejected. Then the marriage on how to maintain the maintenance of color do not change it? First of all, we are to separate the classification of different wedding jewelry. If your marriage is a diamond diamond, then it must not put it together with the gold jewelry, or lose the original luster.

In addition, gold will also produce scratches, different jewelry may be your jewelry must be classified to save.Second, avoid chemicals. Some chemicals can produce chemical reactions to jewelry, so that jewelry discoloration, deterioration, with particular attention to some of the material is boiled water, such as pearls, turquoise stone, cat’s eye stone, coral, amber and so on with water, they may be turtle Finally, marry on the ring to avoid severe shock. Although a lot of inlaid jewelry design is very solid base, but the shock is not appropriate. If the work is knocked on the beat, it is necessary to take off. But also do not force squeeze the wedding jewelry.