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Rose Gold Necklace

Rose gold (rose gold) is a gold and copper alloy, because of its very stylish, beautiful rose red color, which is widely used in jewelry design and processing. Also known as pink gold (pink gold), red gold (red gold). Because this metal was once popular in Russia in the early nineteenth century, it was also called Russian gold, but the term is now rarely used.

Rose gold composition: pure gold + copper + silver / zinc. Because of its high proportion of synthesis, with a strong ductility, high hardness, color and other characteristics, while the integration of 25% of the other metal, hardness, not easy to deformation or scratch, the use of precision in the fine gold design, Play complex design ideas. According to reports, K gold plasticity is very strong, through the modern technology to pull out the wire than the human hair is also fine. In addition, the appearance of gorgeous K gold jewelry process complex, the production process cumbersome, need to go through a professional machine drawing processing woven weaving, so modeling exaggerated, different styles of gold jewelry than the general 18K gold expensive. As K gold jewelry price is higher, more people do not buy for “every day wear”, but with clothing to attend different occasions. [4]

Rose gold composition
Rose gold composition
Strictly speaking, “rose gold” is not a color. Like “golden” is not a color, “gold” refers to the gold is showing the color and metallic luster doping with the visual experience. Rose gold gives the visual experience and gold is the same luster, and slightly red to the red tone – of course, that red color and gold compared to the character.

75% of the gold + 22.5% of the copper + 2.75% of the silver mixture can be seen after the rose gold. Three different proportions can be called out of different colors, this painting and color when the color is the same reason