Silver Jewelry Culture

Silver Jewelry Culture

Guizhou and Sichuan and other Sichuan and Guizhou regions, are the Miao family of settlements. The cultural customs of the Miao family are very characteristic of ethnic minorities. Miao Miao medicine, Miaojia insanity mysterious wonderful, very attractive. However, there are places where the Miao people, how can the lack of Miao silver presence? So today we come close to the beautiful Miaojia silver.

In general, Miao silver itself refers to sterling silver. From the beginning of the Miao area people will be Miao silver Name Necklace as a very national characteristics of the jewelry, and in the marriage when it has important significance. But now we are talking about the Miao silver is not the true sense of sterling silver, but in which the artificial doped with another material, that is, copper, so the modern Miao silver silver content is not high. Because the Miao area craftsmen handmade, silver painted on the pattern of unique fine, meaning rich, very rich Miao style, so Miaojia silver art style and other silver is very different.

Miao both men and women have a soft spot for silverware. What is it? It is said that the Miao silver art originated in the original totem witchcraft activities, the Miao family is very convinced that silverware can evade evil and pray for luck. Wearing silver can get the ancestral blessing, always safe. Today, the function of evil spirits has gradually degenerated into a distant legend, people are more of silver as a kind of their own ethnic decorations. Miao people according to their own national culture and continuous fashion innovation, and add all kinds of patterns and patterns, making the silverware both concentrated thick folk local flavor, but also show the Miao unique artistic style Custom Name Necklace, but also shows a long history The glory of the great national culture.

To the beauty of the Miao silver, it has the artistic value is self-evident. And the natural phase of the Miao silverware, showing the unique characteristics of the Miao people art aesthetic opinion

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