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The Story Of The Silver Earring

The story of the Tremella mystery happened in England in 1897, when Holmes was attending a banquet by industry giant Melvyn Bromsby. Bromsby hosted the banquet in order to celebrate his daughter Lavinia overseas return, but also Lavinia 18-year-old birthday. While Bromsby stood on the stage to the visiting business guests, officers, and ladies when the speech, unexpectedly sounded the gunfire. Bromsby fell to the ground immediately. When the shocked crowd went to the safety exit, Lavinia was left, and it seemed that she seemed to be the biggest suspect.

In the recent adventure game, there are too many games are not completely imitate the “mysterious island” (Myst) series of game rules of the old, and failed to seize the “mysterious island” the true nature. Now, the “Silver Trees” is undoubtedly the emergence of such a game into a fresh air. “Tremella” does not depend on any other game rules, but instead goes boldly to go its own way, although there are some mixed effects. This adventure game puts you on a talented detective Sherlock Holmes and his tireless assistant, Dr. Watson, to try to crack a surprising murder. The game features interesting characters, twists and turns, and beautiful pictures, and it is an adventure game with little puzzle and difficult to understand mystery.