Choose Suggestions Of Earrings

Choose Suggestions Of Earrings
A pair of beautiful earrings have to meet their own skin color, face to wear to look good, not the same as the earrings set off temperament is not the same. So how to choose the earrings for their own? Here on the face, hair, body, color, season and other aspects to teach you how to give their own MM with a pair of their own earrings.

The first is the face, earrings and face to coordinate the small face to the small face should not use a round earrings, can wear a little bit of earrings, close to the ears, but also can wear a triangle earrings to reduce the wide sense of face Face smaller, it is appropriate to use medium-sized earrings, the length of not more than two centimeters. Round face type people should not wear round earrings, it will make the face look too full, it is appropriate to use a long sagging square or triangular earrings. Square face type, may wish to use the make-up softening into a little round of the face, coupled with the fall of the medium-sized earrings, will make the face show the beauty of the line. Long face type people can wear round earrings or large earrings to adjust the face image, so that the face full of moving.

Second, the earrings and hair to coordinate, long shawl women, wearing long earrings will be beautiful and eye-catching; short hair of women, such as earrings and hair tips as long, will affect the beauty, short hair and delicate earrings with Can be set off the female lively and smart; stay asymmetrical hairstyle of women, such as wearing a large earrings, can play a balance, it is not charm; and classical hair with hanging earrings make people dignified and elegant.

Third, the coordination of earrings and body, short stature of women, such as wearing ear-shaped small ear-shaped earrings, will appear elegant, handsome, exquisite. Such as wearing a pendant earrings, due to the visual orientation of the move down, the body will look shorter; tall women, wearing earrings or large earrings, can increase the beauty.

Fourth, the coordination of earrings and Name Necklace, earrings also pay attention to the choice of face color. Deep color of the people should wear light-colored ornaments, dark can also choose to wear, but with the clothing to match the good. Light color of the people should choose dark to wear. So that the depth of each other contrast, resulting in better results. Color white with red, pale pink, olive, etc., gold is suitable for all types of skin color.

Finally, the earrings and season coordination, in general, for the summer wearing earrings can choose light texture of the Custom Name Necklace, the size can be, can give a cool, easy-going sense. If you wear earrings with winter, it is best to prime silver as well, both stable and generous.

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