Ear Jewelry

Ear Jewelry

Simply is the ear of the Name Necklace, men and women can wear, mostly metal, precious stones, which mainly include earrings, earrings, earrings three.

A piece of earring, with an earring with a drooping ornament.

Earrings: earrings through a hole in the ear to hook the ears (in addition to clip-style earrings), other options include ear bone, ear door, ear and so on. “Piercing ears” usually refers to piercing ears, other parts will be specified.

Earrings: earrings are a kind of ornaments on the ear, smaller than the Custom Name Necklace, shaped like a spike. Generally need to wear through the ear hole to wear, earrings modeling ever-changing, but it can not change this feature, ear lips in front of the earrings shape, ear lips behind the ear (also known as the ear block). Usually silver, gold, plastic material, and so on. Earrings do not wear, or before wearing, it is best to soak in alcohol for 5 minutes. Some people because of sensitive to some metals have an allergic reaction, it is recommended that if allergies, it is best to use silver earrings.

Earrings and earrings is one of the most important female accessories that best embodies female beauty. Through the earrings of the style, length and shape of the correct use, to adjust people’s vision, to achieve the purpose of landscaping.

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