How To Wear Brooch

How To Wear Brooch
1,brooch generally do not in the chest of clothing, you can in the middle, you can also side. You can not in the suit-style collar, you can not do in the chest pocket, there is a large random. Slim girl can wear small and dazzling pearl jewelry and Name Necklace. Tall girl, should be more complicated with fancy, a larger brooch, such as carved hollow flower style brooch.

2, the general wear collar clothes, chest wear on the left; wear not lead the clothes, then wear on the right; hair hair left, wear on the right, and vice versa on the left. Round face of the girl, should choose a straight line of the brooch, the formation of the feeling of stretching up and down to reduce the effect of full of fat, so that the face looks pretty Jun. Round face girl, choose brooch, should be caught in the middle of the face position, there will be the role of enhancing the length of the face. Square face of the girl, you can put the brooch in the middle of the neck, made a “V” word lines.

3, if the hair is left, and wear clothes is led, brooch should be worn on the right collar. The upper and lower positions of the broom should be in the parallel position between the first and second buttons. Inverted triangular face girl can choose a sense of the width of the brooch, and the brooch should not be in the face of the square position. If the long brooch in the middle will only make your face look sharp and Custom Name Necklace. The most traditional is to put the brooch in the coat of the lapel, in the autumn and winter season, the flower brooch can be worn in any place, in the jacket pocket, and even the jeans pocket buckle brooch will be refreshing.

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