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Queen of jewelry

The legend of Queen Clothera describes the queen’s grand banquet. Invited to the dinner of the Roman commander Anton on the Queen’s gorgeous costumes and luxury palace was extremely surprised. Cleopatra removed a very precious pear-shaped pearl earrings from the ear and threw it into the wine-filled blackjack, and after the pearls in the cup, she drank, To show that she was not concerned about the attitude of wealth.

Hollywood actress Elizabeth Taylor played Elizabeth, she from the role of their own who “inherited” to the treasures of the emperor-style hobby. Not long ago, at the Sotheby’s charity auction, Taylor exhibited his own jewelry collection. These jewels (including a lot of earrings) are not only valuable, but also a story about the brilliant process of the female star, many men and many times the marriage of the novel. From Nick? Hilton’s short-lived combination, Taylor got the famous Arcel jewelry company’s ring and earrings with diamond pendant; from the producer Michael? Todd’s marriage, as well as a memorial to Michael’s death, Taylor left her a set of sapphire jewelery, a gemstone necklace and a pair of sunflower-shaped yellow gemstones. The most memorable person in her life is Richard? Barton – Hollywood movie star, in the “Cleopatra” played Anthony. After possession of Richard’s heart, Taylor became Europe and the United States senior jewelry master art works of shocking possession. Her collection quickly appeared in a large number of rare treasures: pull? Pieterina pearls, Krupa diamonds, from the hands of the master of the hand of the pack to celebrate the star named Taylor – Barton diamonds.