The Categary Of Jewelry

Jewelery can be sorted by material, craftsmanship, style, material, decorative parts, and so on.

A, hair ornaments by use is divided into:

1, hairpin is divided into: 3-6 cm top clip (only a part of the hair) and 7-10 cm hairpin (all the hair can be caught, mainly used for hair)

2, hair hoop, huh, huh, do not have to explain this

3, the first flower

4, vertical folder is also called the banana folder is the hair vertical folder up, fixed more firmly.

5, rubber band

6, claw clip and sub-claws, full claws and hairpin role is basically the same.

7, hair plug literally can understand, there are called hair comb.

8, the folder on the small class on the picture, because it is divided into a single folder and the pair of folders, which can be divided into a duckbill folder, BB folder, a word folder, frog folder, side clip.

9, pointed mouth folder also has a lot of people called alligator clip for the hair after the decoration, the fixation is not very good.

10, children hair ornaments: is more children’s hair ornaments. Can be divided into children’s ropes and children’s folders, children’s folders can also be classified according to the above folder.

11, cloth folder, the main difference is that there is a net under the clip, the role of the net is to put the hair inside, mostly for the use of headdress.

B: hair ornaments by material is divided into: alloy paint category, alloy diamond, acrylic class.

(1), alloy paint categories: this is still better understand that the metal jewelry is wrapped in the outer layer of paint, of course, are not naturally dry air, but heated and dried, so that the color will be more gorgeous glory at the same time Not easy to paint.

(2), alloy diamond class: which can also be divided into two sub-categories, full of drilling and dilute. Basically this kind of hair ornaments will not paint.

(3), acrylic class: that is about the popular plexiglass……….

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