The Skills Of Choosing The Gems

the skills of choosing the gems

Each gem is condensed with the essence of the earth hundreds of millions of years, colorful, gorgeous eye-catching, with different meanings and Name Necklace, the appropriate mix, you can make your kiss in Paris different.

From the skin color point of view: for the color of yellow friends, should wear green or purple colored stones, such as olivine, amethyst, etc., this will make the wearer’s skin looks more glorious; Friends can try to wear some tea crystal, topaz and other colored tones in the middle, to dilute the skin color, highlight the personality; for the skin color is more white and tender friends, you can wear some bright color, dark color gemstone jewelry, so more glamorous, Such as ruby, garnet, amethyst and Custom Name Necklace.

From the gem meaning, people think that “diamond forever, a permanent”, pure and immaculate, indestructible diamonds symbol of the people looking forward to the unswerving aesthetic love; Chinese people think that red is auspicious festive color, so red Of the Chinese style wedding often choose ruby, garnet ring as a wedding ring, not only meaning the marriage is happy, but also implies the future of the day booming; yellow crystal is considered to have the effect of Lucky; tourmaline in the civil Wang Fu Wangzi role …

In addition, you can also choose the birthday stone and the constellation lucky stone to choose gems, to increase their own energy, guard your luck: Western astrology that the fate of people and their birth that day celestial position inseparable, twelve constellations every Constellations have their own unique lucky stone, and each constellation has its own birthday stone. According to legend, different constellations of friends at the same time have these two color gemstones, you can have infinite positive energy.

Constellations of the constellation of the twelve constellations are: sapphires, turquoise, amethyst; Pisces are sapphire, olivine, white crystal; Aries is garnet, ruby, diamonds; Taurus is emerald, lapis lazuli, care Grape is the amber, olivine, topaz; the Virgo is sapphire, pink tourmaline, amethyst; Libra is the emerald, ruby, diamonds, diamonds, diamonds, diamonds, pearls; Opal, tourmaline is topaz, ruby, yellow crystal; Sagittarius is amethyst, sapphire, tanzan stone; Capricorn is garnet, turquoise, zircon.

Birthstone, born from the Western concept, refers to a person’s Gregorian calendar birth month, corresponding to a different natural gem, which is the natural gems and nature in the natural fate. Wearing a rose stone, you can get somewhere in the help of luck: January Garnet, February Amethyst, March Aquamarine, April Diamonds, May Emerald, June Pearl and Diopside, July Ruby, August Peridot, September Sapphire, October Tourmaline and Opal, November Topaz and Citrine, December is Tanzanite, Turquoise and Zircon.

Put these mysterious constellations lucky stone and birthday stone inlaid in your Paris kiss, you can create their own unique Paris kiss.

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